Brussels Office

HM Government of Gibraltar opened its first office in Brussels in October 1997. In 2014 a decision was taken to expand that presence significantly not least given the increasing number of EU measures applicable to Gibraltar and the growing amount of issues directly concerning Gibraltar being handled at EU level.

The Office acts as the Government’s political representation in Brussels. It works very closely with the Deputy Chief Minister, The Hon. Joseph Garcia MP, who is also the Minister with responsibility for European affairs and has ministerial responsibility for the Office and with the Attorney General.

The Office also supports the work of Government lawyers and departments both in terms of providing advice on the implementation of EU law in Gibraltar and in terms of monitoring the development of EU measures as they go through adoption procedures in Brussels.

It is on this basis that the Office’s work in Brussels also involves the briefing of Members of the European Parliament, Commission officials and officials of other Member State representations on Gibraltar specific matters.

From Gibraltar House on Square Ambiorix, the Office also acts as an interface between the Government and the European Commission in matters related to the Commission’s supervision of the proper interpretation, application and implementation of EU law in our jurisdiction aside from cooperating with the United Kingdom’s Representation to the EU.