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Administration Office & Gazette

The Administration Office and Gazette section of the Government Law Offices (‘GLO’) consists of a dedicated team of officers which provide administrative support to the GLO throughout its various obligations to ensure the smooth running of the office. The Administration Office & Gazette team also work in conjunction with the department’s Crown Counsel, towards the accurate and timely publication of legislation and government notices in the Gibraltar Gazette.

At the Administration Office & Gazette we have an interesting selection of duties and responsibilities:

  • We have full financial accountability for the Department’s Budget. This means that we have a busy Accounts Section.
  • We manage the production of the Gibraltar Gazette (the Gazette consists of Government Notices which we mainly receive from the public/private businesses & individuals, and of legislation which is published as Supplements to the Gazette).
  • We are responsible for the Laws of Gibraltar On-Line Service which means that all legislation that is published by the Government in the Gazette is available on-line and is updated by us in order to provide users with an accurate, updated, electronic version of the Laws of Gibraltar.
  • We ensure that we communicate the transposition of EU obligations (in the Laws of Gibraltar) to the EU Commission.
  • We provide a communication platform with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and other UK Departments in relation to any EU Law and/or International Law matter which may arise within HMGoG.
  • We operate the ‘Post-Box Arrangements’ which means that we facilitate communications between the competent authorities of Gibraltar and those of other EU Member States.

Each officer has their own set of duties within the different sections in the office. Be it Accounts, Gazette, Administrative Support, we all work together to ensure a happy and comfortable environment for all.