Chief Minister -
The Hon Fabian R Picardo KC MP

The Government Law Offices’ website will no doubt become an important resource for all those interested in understanding Gibraltar’s legal system and constitutional status. In addition to explaining and describing the work carried out by the Attorney General and his team, the website consolidates, for the first time, important documents in Gibraltar’s legal and political development, from the speeches delivered by Gibraltar’s leaders before the UN to the Brexit Papers passing by international agreements and the more important judgments delivered by the Luxembourg and Strasbourg courts in relation to Gibraltar. I would like to thank and congratulate the Attorney and his team for having put this important resource together.

Minister for Justice -
The Hon Nigel Feetham KC MP

It gives me great pleasure, as Minister with responsibility for Justice, to welcome you to the Government Law Offices’ website.

The team is led by the Attorney-General, Michael Llamas KC, who is, in turn, supported by a group of talented professionals.  The role they conduct is crucial, not only to the effective functioning of good government, but also to the criminal justice process.

The lawyers from this office are divided by specialisations. They consistently provide instrumental support to all departments of government, whether it be through the drafting of primary and secondary legislation, the provision of legal advice, or representing departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies, in court.

The lawyers of the Office of Criminal Prosecutions and Litigation, under the Director of Public Prosecutions Christian Rocca KC, also act in an independent capacity, when they prosecute criminal cases that have been investigated by the Royal Gibraltar Police, H.M. Customs and other investigative bodies in Gibraltar.

The work carried out by the GLO is of great constitutional importance to the immense benefit of the residents of Gibraltar.


Government Law Offices

HM Government of Gibraltar Law Offices (GLO) are headed by the Attorney General and includes the Office of Advisory Counsel, the Office of Parliamentary Counsel, the Office of Criminal Prosecutions & Litigation and the Gibraltar Gazette.

The Attorney General, the Office of Advisory Counsel, the Office of Parliamentary Counsel and the Gibraltar Gazette are based at 40 Town Range, and the Office of Criminal Prosecutions & Litigation is based at Joshua Hassan House, Secretary’s Lane


The Office of Advisory Counsel provides legal advice to Ministers and Government Departments, including advice on domestic, EU and international law, and the Office of Parliamentary Counsel is responsible for the drafting of the Laws of Gibraltar, including the transposition of EU Directives. All legislation and Government Notices are published in the Gibraltar Gazette.

The Office of Criminal Prosecutions & Litigation deals with criminal prosecutions and litigation on behalf of the Crown. It also provides prosecution-related advice to all law enforcement agencies, Public Authorities as well as other Government Departments.